8 comments on “Birding in Tassie – A Five Part Series on Tasmanian Birds and Wildlife.

    • Tassie Devils are thankfully shy of humans and do not usually attack us. They have the most powerful jaw of any creature for its size and usually feeds on carrion (road kill) and there is a lot of that each day in Tassie. It eats meat,bones and fur leaving nothing behind. It crunches through the toughest carcass. They have the best sense of smell of any creature identifying scent from over a km away. They generally carry scars from fighting between themselves over food. Thanks for your interest Donna!


  1. Really looking forward to your posts in this series! I absolutely LOVE Tassie, been there a few times now, and hope to be going again sometime this year. The tassie devils are my alltime favourite animal, but I’m hoping to get some hints of what birds to see down there and where. 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, many of the Tassie birds are very difficult to view and were quite a challenge for us as they were very small either high up in tall trees or in thick bush where they would not come out, but we did see some lifers which we had not previously seen from earlier visits. This affected the quality of some of the photos, but it was a rewarding experience seeing them.


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