10 comments on “Waiting for Tides and Watching for Waders

  1. So many waders you saw and captured! Congratulations on your “Lifer”! What a gift you received! And now I learned a new birding terms as well 🙂 I noted your white ibis has much more black than ours (only the wing tips). The Masked Lapwing is a funny looking bird, truly a masked face. I wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend my friend.

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    • Thanks so much Tiny for your warm, encouraging comments. Yes, it is always a great thrill to find a lifer, especially if it is in your local area where you do not expect to find them. We expect to find them when we travel, but it is a bonus when they are unexpected gifts in our local area. Yes, your Ibis is much more the ‘white ibis’ than our Australian version. When it is in breeding plumage it becomes dirty orange looking in colour. The Masked Lapwing or Spur-winged Plover as they use to be called, can be a really comical bird at times, and is quite aggressive when it is protecting its babies. It will often lay its eggs in an open field or park, and attack anything that walks past it. Have just returned home from a weekend 1000km round trip to a relatives engagement party, and are quite worn out from all the driving, but I did get a little birding in this morning before we returned. Enjoy your also weekend dear friend!


  2. We get to see Masked Lapwings in most zoos here. I didn’t realize they are shore birds. (By the way, this white text is hard to see while leaving a note.)


    • Yes, the Masked Lapwing was renamed from Spur-winged Plover. As you know the plovers are shorebirds and this bird is often seen on the mudflats, though it is most often seen on fields and paddocks where it nests. Many people are not aware of the link to the water that these birds have.


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